Kathy’s Kakery
 is your one stop shop for all that is sweet and delicious.

Since Kathy was a child, she always had a love for desserts and baking. As she comes from a family of bakery owners, when she got older, she discovered that it was possible to turn her love for desserts into a business. Kathy wanted a place where she could sell her art as well as her delicious sweets to customers in her area for all there special events and occasions in there lives or just when they were having a sweet craving. Kathy’s passion is cake, as she’s a cake girl, hence her business name Kathy’s Kakery. Kathy always tries to give the best quality and flavor in her cakes and sweets. Here, you will only receive the best quality and flavor as that was always the most important to Kathy when starting her business as when Kathy was growing up, she remembers her mom always buying her and her sisters the best quality cakes with the best flavor for there birthdays. That memory stuck with her and she doesn’t want to give anything less but the best. Her goal is to not only create you a piece of art but offer you a flavorful experience with the best quality that will have you wanting to come back for more. 

At Kathy’s Kakery, Kathy offers cakes, cupcakes and a variety of other delicious sweets in various flavors such as the familiar devil’s food and red velvet. Not a chocoholic, her guava infused cupcakes which where inspired by her Cuban heritage offer a flavorful experience. She also offers options for everyone such as sugar free with Splenda and your 4 legged best friend 🐾. 

Everything is personalized and made to order so don’t hesitate if you don’t see something that satisfies your taste buds. Have Kathy create your personalized flavor and cake of your dreams that will have everyone at your special event begging for more.


If you ever searched for the best cupcakes in the world … then this is the end of your journey.

via yelp Feb. 2013

David. G Miami, FL

My next 100 meals are going to feel tasteless in comparison.

via yelp Aug. 2013

Josh S. Miami, FL