Signature Kakes

Sugar free option available: Made with Splenda. Flavor: vanilla with cream cheese frosting.

*Each cake, if for a birthday comes with a candle*

All cakes are personalized, meaning each signature cake can be personalized to your liking. Frosting color, flavor etc. (Prices may vary depending on personalization).

*Allergy friendly recipes available*

Personalized Kakes

Buttercream frosting only, starting at $4 per person/slice (plus the price of decorations). Price varies depending on flavor and design.

Kake Designs:

  • Cupcake Kake (Cupcakes in the form of a kake) Priced per dozen cupcakes (plus the price of decorations).

Decorations: (most popular designs)

  • Buttercream flowers $5-$8 each
  • Fresh flowers: (store price)
  • Character/ name topper (price varies depending on vender)
  • Bling non-edible letter/ number topper: (store price)


  • Strawberry Jam (homemade): For 10 people $10 for 20 people $14
  • Guava Marmalade: For 10 people $7, for 20 people $10
  • Cream cheese frosting with guava marmalade: For 10 people $12, for 20 people $16
  • Whipped cream (Homemade) with sliced strawberries: For 10 people $10, for 20 people $14
  • Nutella: For 10 people $5, For 20 people $8
  • Chocolate ganache (homemade): For 10 people $10, for 20 people $14
  • Dulce de leche: For 10 people $7, for 20 people $10
  • Caramel or Salted Caramel (homemade): For 10 people $10, for 20 people $14

For other price quotes not listed or questions, all info can be sent under contact tab.
For kake flavors: All kake flavors can be found under cupcake menu.